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In the school dental care school in Bettingen Riehen, children are examined and treated. With age-appropriate methods and teaching aids, they learn everything there is to know about dental health and experience a visit to the dentist with fun and games.

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In addition to dental treatments, school examinations and prophylaxis lessons are also carried out in the practice. The children attend the practice as a class accompanied by a teacher. Teeth and gums as well as tooth position and dentition development are examined. A new concept enables hands-on learning on site and relaxed practice of visiting the dentist.

Dentist is a matter of trust – especially with children. In the new, child-friendly school dental practice in Bettingen-Riehen, children experience a visit to the dentist with fun and games. The specially trained pediatric dentists know how to playfully approach children, take away their fears and build trust.

Competence for children and young people

In the school dental practice, children and young people are cared for by Dr. medical dent. Lucia Demont, certified dentist for pediatric and adolescent dentistry and Dr. Anita Früh, specialist dentist for orthodontics, treated. In addition to individual prophylaxis, this also includes fillings, braces, dental surgery and emergency treatment for tooth accidents and pain.

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Prophylactic measures with fluoride varnish and fissure sealants

Why orthodontic treatment?

X-ray in the school dental practice Bettingen Riehen

Toothbrushing guide

X-ray in the school dental practice Bettingen Riehen

The subject of “X-rays” occupies many parents. X-rays can cause damage to the body and we are therefore careful to take X-rays as little as possible. However, it should be mentioned that the technology used in dental X-ray devices has improved considerably in recent years. As a result, the radiation exposure in the dental practice has decreased. For example, many people are not aware that the exposure to radiation during a flight is many times greater than when taking a dental film in the dentist’s office.

Since we have a digital X-ray machine in the school dental practice, the radiation exposure is reduced to a minimum.

When and why is it recommended to take caries pictures (bitewings) in children?

It is recommended that caries images be taken in all children suspected of having tooth decay between the teeth. If caries in milk teeth is visible to the naked eye in the mouth, the disease of the tooth is already so advanced that treatment of the dental nerve is often necessary.

Since the diagnosis of caries between the teeth cannot be assured by a mere inspection, it is generally recommended that all children between the ages of 7 and 9 years do their first bitewings. If there is no suspicion of caries in the following years, it is sufficient to take the next caries pictures in the permanent teeth, ie at the age of 11-13. If caries between the teeth is suspected in younger children, these images must be taken earlier.

When and why is an overview image (orthopantomography/OPT) recommended?

Orthopantomography is recommended after the first molars have erupted, in some cases it may be earlier.

The overview image is used to assess the dentition and the surrounding bony structures as a whole. It is recommended at least once per school year to verify whether the development of the teeth is proceeding properly. With the information obtained, measures can be taken at an early stage if necessary, thus reducing the time and money required for treatment.

What if we parents don’t want X-rays taken?

Parents are responsible for deciding whether or not to have their child x-rayed. If you are unsure, please consult the dentist in charge of the school dental practice or your private dentist. Incidentally, the above recommendations are used in school dental care throughout Switzerland. The cantonal Dental Care Ordinance of Basel-Stadt therefore includes an overview X-ray for each school year to record non-alignment of the teeth or structural anomalies in the jawbone (OPT) and two bitewing images (bitewings) among the benefits that the canton or be funded by the community.

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