Pediatric Dentistry

Our goal is to offer children and parents comprehensive advice and care on all issues relating to pediatric and adolescent dentistry.

In the practice, which is specially geared towards children, the visit should be a positive experience: The Zahnhase and his friends bring the topic of teeth closer in a playful and visual way. The practice is tailored to the needs of the children. From the waiting play areas to the treatment rooms, everything is colorful and cheerful.

Specially trained staff and training material developed by us, appropriate to the child’s age, make it easier for children to access the topic. has also operated the Riehen-Bettingen school dental practice since 2014.

Our Zahnhase pediatric practices

Dental school practice Bettingen Riehen

In the dental school practice in Bettingen Riehen, children are examined and treated. With age-appropriate methods and teaching aids, they learn everything there is to know about dental health and experience a visit to the dentist with fun and games.

Mirjet Polizzi

Dental school practice instructor