Healthy teeth

We associate a flawless smile with beauty, strength and success. However, teeth and gums are often damaged by illness, predisposition, inappropriate care or external influences. Discover a wide variety of treatment methods to improve dental health and aesthetics.

Beautiful smile

A beautiful smile depends on several factors: gums, tooth position, color, shape and size. This is also decisive for the personal impression that a person makes on his counterpart.

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Healthy, beautiful gums

Along with the teeth, the gums are an important factor for a beautiful smile. Proper care and regular dental hygiene are essential for keeping the gums healthy.

How do I get white teeth?

Not everyone has naturally bright white teeth. A gentle whitening of natural teeth is possible through whitening.

We offer different bleaching methods: home bleaching, in-office or power bleaching for at home and in our practice.


Tooth jewelry

This is jewelry that is glued to the tooth with a special technique. The tooth is not damaged in the process, and the tooth jewelry can be removed at any time without leaving any traces.