Our Family Practice in Liestal incorporates a full service package for adults, youths and childern – from the esthetic Dentistry to Orthodontics to Childrens Dentistry. From child friendly rooms to specially skilled Personnel we are adaptable for all needs.
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Baselland, Liestal

Bahnhofplatz 11, 4410 Liestal
Telephone: 061 927 13 13
Email: liestal@diezahnaerzte.ch

Monday – Friday 08:00 until 20:00 

Orthodontic Treatments by appointment only

Emergency treatments (without an appointment) only available during the opening hours:
On Saturdays consultations are only available with an arranged appointment.

The Practice is located next to the Train Station in the UNO building.

Practice Liestal

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Picture Gallery Atmosphere

Our practices are all fitted with the very latest modern technologies, all designed to give our patients the very best treatment available. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our premises.