In an age-appropriate, uncomplicated and humorous way, we answer questions about braces, fillings, discoloration and misalignments of the teeth and offer specialized treatments tailored to children and adolescents.

How do I take care of my braces?

Unfortunately there is no maintenance service or professional care service that comes by several times a week and brings the braces into shape while you put your feet up carefree (a shame!). Unfortunately, everyone is responsible for taking care of their braces.

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Orthodontics for adults

In many cases, orthodontic treatment is not just an aesthetic decision, but also advisable from a health point of view.

A correct position of the teeth ensures trouble-free chewing of the food. It prevents incorrect loading of the bones and teeth. The teeth can also be cleaned better and kept healthy.

There are several treatment options available:

  • Fixed braces attached to the outer surfaces of the teeth
  • Aligner therapy with clear, removable plastic splints
  • Lingual technology, braces are only attached to the internal tooth surfaces and are therefore invisible from the outside

Treatment process

The treatment process takes place in two steps:

1. Diagnostics

After an initial detailed informative discussion, the necessary diagnostic documents will be created with your consent: e.g. X-ray images and models of the teeth.

Our orthodontists who specialize in orthodontics then evaluate the documents.

2. Treatment plan and costs

At a second appointment, you will be informed about the results of the evaluations and the various therapy options and costs.

If the treatment costs are covered by the health insurance, we will support you with the application.


The therapy lasts about 1/2 year to 2 years depending on the extent of the fixed corrections.

Regular check-ups will be arranged for the duration of the therapy.

TMJ therapy

Temporomandibular joint complaints can manifest themselves very differently in the form of pain, jaw joint cracking or rubbing.

The cracking and rubbing can be accompanied by pain or it can be painless. In order to avoid consequential damage, a precise clarification of the causes and appropriate treatment is important:

  • Physical therapy
  • Instructions for self-therapy exercises and rules of conduct
  • Splint therapy, drug therapy
  • Temporomandibular joint irrigation
  • Temporomandibular jointoscopy
  • TMJ surgery

Dental aesthetics

Our goal is to improve function and aesthetics with orthodontic treatment.

Correct tooth and jaw alignment influences:

  • Chewing function
  • Language education
  • Breathing
  • TMJ function

Aesthetically beautiful teeth and a harmonious facial profile have a positive effect on inner satisfaction and outer perception.

Fixed braces

With fixed braces (multi-band technology), small holding elements, so-called brackets, are glued to the teeth and connected to one another.

Misaligned teeth are compensated for over time.

The multi-band technique is used by young people and adults.


Plastic rails such as Invisalign are used to treat misaligned teeth. With this system an almost invisible treatment of the teeth is possible. The removable plastic rails consist of transparent plastic caps and are easy to clean. They are made individually for the patient and worn over the teeth.

The following misaligned teeth can be treated with the plastic splints:

  • Crowding
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Tooth gaps
  • Diastema
  • Closed bite

Lingual technique

In the lingual technique, the fixed braces are attached to the inner surfaces of the row of teeth so that they are not visible from the outside.


Mini screws are inserted in the jawbone and used to correct the position of the teeth. Miniscrews are also visually less noticeable compared to other tooth correction solutions and accelerate the treatment process through the continuous application of forces.

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