A beautiful tooth position is not a question of age.

Not only for children and teenagers, there are many solutions to maintain a beautiful appearance.

Orthodontics also has many options for adults to correct crooked teeth or jaw misalignments. With fixed braces, aligner therapy with clear, removable plastic splints or by means of lingual technology, “invisible braces”, attached to internal tooth surfaces, and therefore invisible from the outside.

In case of discomfort, we also offer temporomandibular joint therapy.

rockyoursmile.ch – KFO especially for teenagers. In an age-appropriate manner, straightforward and humorous, we answer questions about braces, fillings, discoloration as well as misalignment of teeth and offer specialized treatments tailored to teenagers.

With small children, malpositions can be prevented by our early consultation with the parents. This is because malocclusions of teeth and jaws are also caused by habits such as sucking the thumb or dummy.

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Highest quality at a reasonable price

High quality work at reasonable prices – that is our motto. Give us a try and get a cost estimate for your treatment after an initial consultation.

Pricing policy / Costs

We adhere to the official Swiss dental tariff, which was negotiated between the dental association and the social insurance companies

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