General dentistry

Our aim is to provide the highest quality in treatment, equipment, selection of materials and training. We offer a wide and specialized range of dentists.

Sustainability is a crucial factor in the choice of treatment methods and materials for the benefit of the patient.


A beautiful smile depends on several factors: gums,tooth position , Color, shape and size. This is also decisive for the personal impression that a person makes on his counterpart.

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Prophylaxis / dental hygiene

In order to keep your own teeth and dentures healthy and beautiful in the long term, you need personal care as well as professional prophylaxis and hygiene measures.

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Special Services

Patients who have a pronounced fear of dental treatment (dental phobia) have various ways of calming them down. In an initial consultation, we will find out which is the best option for you.

teeth grinding
Teeth have to withstand massive forces for a short time when chewing.

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