Dr. med. dent.
Giedré Thomas

Specialist dentist for orthodontics
Master of Science in Orthodontics

  • German
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • 2006 clinical traineeship at the Ernst Moritz Arndt University in Greifswald, Germany
  • 2009 State examination in Dentistry University in Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Dentist at Die Zahnärzte.ch in Basel and Riehen since 2010
  • 2014 Master of Science in Orthodontics (MSc) Danube University Krems
  • Since 2015 visiting doctor at the University of Innsbruck (A) in the department of orthodontics
  • Dentist at Die Zahnärzte.ch in Birsfelden since 2016
  • 2019 Specialist title specialist dentist for orthodontics, Germany

Zahnärzte-weltweit.ch association

Bad teeth are the trigger and cause of numerous ailments and serious diseases. The origin of inadequate oral and dental care lies largely in ignorance and negligence due to a lack of information and financial hardship.zahnärzte weltweit.ch is an association founded and based in Switzerland on World Children’s Day November 20th, 2017. We are primarily committed to long-term improvements in dental hygiene in developing countries.

With active prevention work we pursue the goal of changing behavior and habits sustainably and thus giving future generations a better chance of healthy teeth.